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GKD Metal Fabrics are ideal for Interior and Exterior applications such as solar screen,... More >

Bendheim Wall Systems has introduced the RAIN SCREEN Product line. This product line is... More >

Bendheim reimagined the metallic threads of designer Bart Halpern’s Glitterati textiles as architectural glass.... More >

Ceilings Plus has more than just Ceiling Solutions. Ceilings Plus design and manufacture walls,... More >

Bendheim has introduced an upgrade to the Glass Marker Board. Bendheim now offers PROJECTABLE... More >

STM SALES is a manufacturers’ representative organization providing representation for custom interior and exterior architectural products. Our goal is to be YOUR ADVISOR on the custom architectural products to complete your unique architectural vision.

STM SALES focuses on being a valuable resource for architects, interior designers, contractors and owners by providing solutions to the complex world of architectural demands. STM SALES listens to the clients so that the appropriate recommendations can be made for their project. We work to become a PARTNER, not just a sales force for the manufacturers.

Any inquiries from architectural firms, interior designers and contractors are encouraged so that we can assist you with your project. STM SALES works as a team with the architect, designer, contractor, owner and manufacturers to come up with the best possible solution to make your vision possible.

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  • Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 12.46.18 PM Bendheim – Houdini Glass Bendheim Houdini Glass is an ideal privacy glass that diffuses light, reduces glare and minimizes reflections. Houdini was awarded TOP MATERIAL in Architectural Record 2013. More >

    CPNASHVILLELobby Ceilings Plus Nashville MCC Lobby One of many areas of the Nashville Music City Convention Center that used Ceilings Plus was the main lobby. The products used are Planx/Mirra, Wallforms and Reveal closures (black). The finishes are Arboreal, Plain... More >